Quality people; quality products.

Our goal of providing exceptional eye care is reflected in the quality of the optical goods we provide our patients. We want you to be as happy with your new eyewear as you are with the comprehensive eye exam you receive. We believe your new eyewear should be a daily reminder of our commitment to provide you with unwavering attention to quality.

In addition to our wide variety of eyewear, we also fit and evaluate all types of contact lenses.

Quality Guarantee

We promise to take the time necessary to assure your satisfaction with your new eyewear. If you have any problems adjusting to your new prescription, we encourage you to let us know. Our doctors and optical team will do whatever it takes to find a solution.

Our Optical

We carry a wide range of diverse eyewear styles and fashion. At Columbia Eye Consultants Optometry, we’re confident that we have the right pair of glasses for you.

We have a full in-house lab and, in many cases, we are capable of making your glasses as soon as you are done choosing the best frames for you.



There can many important factors that play a role in finding the best eyewear for you. Not only should your new eyewear fit your style and personality, they need to fit you physically as well. In some cases, a patient’s spectacle prescription may also be a big factor in deciding which frame will work and look best. At Columbia Eye Consultants Optometry, our opticians are experts at matching different frame styles and designs to specific individual needs.

Our Frame Lines

We carry a wide range of diverse eyewear styles and fashion. At Columbia Eyewear, we’re confident that we have the right glasses for you. We have a full service, in-house lab. In many cases, we are capable of making your glasses as soon as you are done choosing your favorite frames.

Specialty Eyeglasses

Computer, safety, sports, hobbies, driving, shooting…



After choosing your frame, the next step is choosing the lenses to go in them. Your doctor has precisely determined the prescription that will maximize your visual experience. Besides the power that goes into the lens to make you see, there are many other options to enhance the function or appearance of your lenses. Some lens options may be recommended by your doctor, other options may be based on your own personal preferences. A sampling of options is listed below.

Thin Lens

Polycarbonate (shatter-resistant)

Anti-Reflective Lens Treatment

Photochromic Lens

Scratch Resistance

UV Protection

Progressive Addition Multifocal Lens

Aspheric Lens



Sunglasses are obviously very important in protecting your eyes from harmful UV radiation. They can also be an important fashion statement. Good quality sunglasses can play an important role in preserving your vision and eye health for the long term.

An under-utilized role of sunglasses is for kids. Studies have estimated that we are exposed to 80% of our cumulative lifetime UV radiation by age 18. For this reason, the doctors of Columbia Eye Consultants Optometry recommend starting the habit of wearing sunglasses early in life.

Polarized sunglasses block light that reflects off a horizontal surface, such as water, snow, car hoods, roads, etc. This type of sunglass has traditionally been favored by fisherman and boaters. The popularity of polarized sunglasses has soared in recent in years as all types of outdoor enthusiasts and active sportsmen have embraced polarized lenses in their sunglasses.